Our vineyards

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50 hectares of Mansalto’s vineyards grow in small plots surrounded by woods and fields, at an altitude of 600 m. This location, due to an appropriate microclimate and a particular terroir, allows the grapes to ripen slowly and in perfect health.
Each parcel has a different type of soil, which gives each wine a distinctive character: more fruity where there is more clay and afternoon sun, more floral in the higher vineyards, more mineral where the soils are lighter and more sandy.

The philosophy

excellent quality from natural richness

Respect for the territory is the first rule of the Mansalto Winery. Here the aim has always been to produce wine as authentic and genuine product of the grape and express the character of each variety.
This is why the careful selection of the best grape and the hand picking are followed by a gentle touch in the winery: high-quality grape is enough for the wine to essentially make itself; thoughtful macerations to extract best of the grape, limited pumpovers and use of oak characterize our approach.

In the cellar

handle with care

Passion for the land. Love for an ancient craft. Respect for the terroir, its identity, the peculiarity of each vineyard. The wine that ages in the cellars of Mansalto is the result of constant dedication and care, the result of hand-selected grapes, with passion and extreme attention, by those who live this land, every day, and protect it, with sacrifice and dedication. A French and Italian team that believes in premium wines and gives body to contemporary wines: it is the modern Chianti, which stands out for the freshness and personality of its nectars. The legacy of the experience beyond the Alps thus becomes an expression of a renewed and strongly identifying sensitivity and taste.

The grape is harvested and selected by hand, at perfect ripeness. Fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature to preserve aromas and fragrances, the wines age for 12 months in French oak barrels and tonneau before being blended and bottled where they finish their refinement. The result is a genuine and high quality wine, with an intense ruby red color, aromas of ripe red fruits, a rich and complex flavor, soft and velvety, with an excellent after-aroma persistence. Sangiovese, the main variety, is flanked by Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.

International Distribution

modern taste of Italian wines for the world

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