Our Land

Carefully cultivated hilltop vineyards disseminated across two thousand hectares of Tuscan woods, where hares, wild boars, roe deer and other wild animals live in freedom.

The great agricultural tradition of a generous and picturesque territory, combined with the extraordinary biodiversity of an uncontaminated ecosystem are the foundations on which the identity of our land is based.

Three municipalities, Bucine, Monte San Savino and Rapolano Terme and two provinces, Arezzo and Siena, are the geographical repository of this hidden Tuscan destination.

Right here, 600 meters above the sea level, extends the natural reserve in which Mansalto is located with its luxuriant naturalistic scenery and unique microclimate.

Our History

Two thousand years of history have marked the lands and human experiences of these places. From the Etruscan and Roman populations, who inhabited these places in archaic times, to the dominations of the Republic of Siena and the Grand Duchy of Florence in the Middle Ages, passing from the annals that include these lands as the abodes of the Knights Templar, to arrive until today following the only common thread: the passion and the bond between man and the land.

But at the end of the 20-th century the territory began to empty. Farmers were moving to cities abandoning houses of ancestors. Development of intensive industrial grape production in the plains in 1990-s left no chances for small farms on the tops of the hills. In the early 2000’s most of the vineyards were abandoned and almost recaptured by the wild nature.

At this very time, a group of European investors and winemakers acquired the whole territory of approximately 2 000 Ha with a dream to revitalize the area and replant historical vineyards.

The business project, dedicated to the Mansalto estate, was born from the interest of internationally renowned vignerons such as Stèphane Derenoncourt and Andrea Paoletti. who found in this corner of Tuscany the ideal place to develop a new Chianti winemaking philosophy.

Our Team

Winemaker (consultant)
Born in Tuscany, graduated in Agricultural Sciences, he is a recognized expert of Chianti and Sangiovese. After working as the manager of Antinori’s Chianti Classico companies, in 1995 he started to work as a consultant in several countries such as Montenegro, Turkey, USA, Georgia, Hungary and, of course, Italy. After more than 25 harvests, he takes forward the knowledge that in union there is strength. Among his experiences:
- Antinori (Solaia-Tignanello)
- Ornellaia (Masseto)
Young (35 years old) and talented, he graduated in 2011 in Viticulture and Oenology at the University of Udine. After a period in the Prosecco hills, he worked in France, New Zealand, Australia, the United States, Turkey to learn various styles of making wine. He came back to Italy in 2018 and started to work at Mansalto Winery in January 2019.
Among his experiences :
- Chateau Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande (Medoc)
- Dumol Winery (Sonoma Valley)
- Fantinel Winery (Friuli Venezia Giulia)
Winemaker (consultant)
Born in Dunkirk, France, he has tasted and discovered so many vines and wines thanks to his experience.
In 1999, he bought a property in Côtes de Castillon. At the same time, he began to set up “Vignerons Consultants”, a business expanded thanks to the success of the wines for which he has provided his services in France and in many other countries.
Among his experiences:
- Château Canon-la-Gaffelière
- La Mondotte, Domaine de Chevalier,
- Clos Fourtet, Clos de l'Oratoire
- Rubicon Estate Winery (Napa Valley)
Graduated in Agricultural Sciences and Technologies, Errico has been working at Mansalto Estate for about 13 years collaborating with AMINEA Team and Derenoncourt’s one. Living in Cortona, he deals with the management of the company’s staff, vineyards, olive groves and the forest. In love with Tuscany land, he is developing the project of the hazel plantation and the management of the hunting reserve.
Sales & Hospitality
Born in Sicily, graduated in International Sciences, Francesca began her career in Paris. In 2012 she decided to change her life and moved to Siena. For 8 years she has been working in Mansalto as Head of Hospitality. She speaks perfect English and French, a little Spanish and Russian. Her passions include wine, truffles and good food.



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