The estate

2000 ha of land divided between woods, vines, olive trees, hazelnuts and unspoiled nature populated by wildlife.

The great agricultural tradition of a land as generous and gentle as its hills, combined with extraordinary biodiversity, are the foundations on which the identity of our land is based.

Three municipalities, Bucine, Monte San Savino and Rapolano Terme and two provinces, Arezzo and Siena are the geographic container of this hidden destination of Tuscany.

Right here lies the nature reserve in which Mansalto is located, with its spectacular naturalistic scenery and unique microclimate.

Our History

From the Etruscan and Roman peoples, who inhabited these places in archaic times, to the dominations of the Republic of Siena and the Grand Duchy of Florence in the Middle Ages, passing through the annals that record these lands as the abodes of the Knights Templar, to arrive until today following a single thread: the passion and the bond between man and the land that has seen and sees the valleys, around the village of Rapale, of the Valle d’Ambra as symbolic places of living in this part of Tuscany.

In 2012 a group of European investors decided to acquire the estate , with the aim of writing a new chapter in the history of this land, which, in the postwar period had experienced historical phases of depopulation of the countryside and abandonment of traditional crops due to the attraction of the more urbanized neighboring areas. The business project, dedicated to the Mansalto estate, was born from the interest of internationally renowned vignerons such as Stèphane Derenoncourt and Andrea Paoletti, who found in this corner of Tuscany the ideal place to develop a new production philosophy dedicated to Chianti, in a more than successful attempt to produce modern wines in a unique terroir and microclimate.

Since 2013, we have been planting new vineyards that see the noble varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot growing beside the traditional

Sangiovese grape varieties, which still, through the vineyards cultivated in the hills and small valleys, frame the villages and farmhouses of the Mansalto estate, keeping alive the great nature of a place devoted to excellent wine production and hospitality.

Our Team

Administrator and sales
After his studies as a winemaker he started working for different wineries in the heart of Tuscany, making experience with the whole process of wine production.
In 2015 he accepted the challenge of being in charge of wine sales, with the satisfaction of passing on his knowledge to people around the world
Production manager
Grown up in Tuscany he decided his passion owuld been his job as well when he enrolled the faculty of Viticulture and Enology, where he graduated in 2007. Since then he worked in Montalcino, Scansano, Arezzo and then Mansalto. He's a Sangiovese lover and expert.
Winemaker (consultant)
Born in Tuscany, graduateci in Agricultural Sciences, he is a recognized expert of Chianti and Sangiovese. After working as the manager of Antinori's Chianti Classico companies, in 1995 he started to work as a consultant in several countries such as Montenegro, Turkey, USA, Georgia, Hungary and, of course, ltaly. After more than 25 harvests, he takes forward the knowledge that in union there is strength. Among his experiences:
- Antinori (Solaia-Tignanello)
- Ornellaia (Massetto)
Sales Manager
After graduating cum laude in french linguistics in 2004, Natalia found her vocation in wine business. Started as a brand- manager for a wine importing company, she pursued her way in building portfolios for the biggest importers. After moving to Italy, it’s her first experience of working for an italian winery as sales person, being very aware of italian mentality and international communications.
Born in Tokyo, Japan. Once was a ballet dancer. Working in hospitality field since 2007. Started career with Japanese airline company ANA, now the biggest in Japan, flew both domestic and international. Afterwards worked in various fields of hospitality; from small chocolate cafe/shop, island resort, to 5 star hotel.
Lived in Canada for short period and 4 years in Australia. Moved in Italy at 2019.