The Hunting Reserve

For the guests who love hunting Mansalto offers 446 hectares of our private “Palazzuolo” hunting reserve, located in the hills at an altitude of 500 to 600 meters.
The territory is suitable for ungulates but is also suitable for hunting pheasant, partridge and red partridge. Hunting takes place in the context of nature integrated with agricultural lands among woods, vineyards, olive groves and small fields.

Size: 446 hectares

During the hunting season, the entire area is open to our guests. In the periods outside the hunting season, Mansalto offers its hunters the possibility of accessing an area of 100 Ha, dedicated to the training of dogs, in addition to another 12 Ha used as a hunting enclosure and place for training of wild boar dogs. The property also intends to expand the area open to the public throughout the year; to the 112 Ha already present another 100 will be added, which will be used as a hunting enclosure and training place for wild boar dogs.


Types of hunting

  • Hunting with the hunting dog on pheasant, partridge and red partridge from the third Sunday of September to 31 January;
  • English pheasant and red partridge hunting from the third Sunday of September to 31 January;
  • Wild boar hunting from 1st August to 15th March;
  • Drive hunt or shot for the containment of wild boar species according to the regional hunting calendar;
  • Training of hunting dogs with shooting from the first of February to the third Sunday of September;
  • Training of hunting dogs without shot from 1st February to 15th April and from 1st July to 3rd Sunday in September;
  • Training of wild boar dogs with and without shot from March 16th to July 31st;

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